Xasz Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: A New Client

I was going over some trivial categorizing this afternoon, until I was interrupted by most glorious serendipity. A pair from the force sensitive underground railroad came to me, seeking aid.

Some background: I have previously had a distant but cordial relation with the local underground railroad here on Foless. While we both undermine the Empire in our own ways, the local force-sensitives are not fond of my shadier connections. They are spoiled by Foless' sympathetic and mildly anti-Imperial nature, and think they can keep their noses clean while saving lives. Their leader, who I suspect is on-planet but I know not the name of, previously employed a "conductor" for local operations named Duncan Lanca, who held that belief and held me at arms-length at best.

The two who entered Charlie's Discount Datapads claimed to be the new Conductors, implying the old local operator has… retired. Such, I suppose, will be my fate as well in this line of work. After clearing up some fear that I might work for the Imperials, it seems they were looking for resources for a job. A VIP with a family history of force-sensitives was going to arrive on-world soon, and needed safe and discrete passage to an Underground safehouse. They needed a pilot and a transport, and needed further funding and aid for their future conducting operations.

My own funding cannot be spared on refugees – I intend to hurt the Imperials here, hard enough for them to lose even more of their grasp here. That said, I heard that an infamous con-artist had arrived on-planet. A man called Kurtz with a reputation for both trouble and profit, in desperate straits that might be desperate enough to be recruited. Rumor has it, he was spending an extravagant weekend at the Chance Royale, a gaudy gambling house downtown, and an excellent source of loose tongues and looser morals.

We arrived in time to prevent a sore loser from beating up our dear "Kurtz", who even now I suspect is just a cover identity. We recruited him for the mission. He'd provide transport, and get an even share of the rewards. He ended up acquiring a very… discount… recreational vehicle. Can comfortably seat 10, or perhaps have 2 or 3 live comfortably.

I piloted this dangerous vehicle through the Wildlands, particularly the forest between the capital and the township of Grabee. Near our destination, we found the bridge was destroyed for reasons unknown. We hid our transport and proceeded on foot. After elminating a few Vornskur, we arrived at a farm said to have the VIP, Raff Ungek.

The VIP asked for the status of his wife Yishnir and daughter Judden, but the Conductors knew nothing of it. We make our way to the safehouse, with the question of pay and further work still pending.

Further updates as I discover them.

- Xasz


Xasz Chapter 1

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